Wednesday, January 6, 2010

babies room...almost

this is the blanket i made last week...its very boy and im not supposed to be doing gender specific stuff but I DID and love it! this is the mobile i made a few months ago...its much more fantastic in person

this is the changing table dresser we bought and i painted a while ago, eventually it will have a changing pad on it and such

a messy bookcase for our kids, im running out of room

our new crib we bought before Christmas...a mattress is soon to follow.
next step....BABY, a little at a time we are preparing for baby!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Completed bassinette

This was the last of the baby projects we wanted to get done... and well its done! WOOHOO Daniel did such an amazing job on it, the pictures don't do it justice but it was fun working together on it. It's bigger than a standard bassinette but smaller than a crib and it does rock and for a while too. So fun and we just can't wait.
Since the bassinette has been done and we had it in the "babies room" Sylus insists checking in the room everynight when we get up ot go potty. :) I love animals, they just seem to get it you know?
Our caseworker informed me lastnight that everything is done and we should be online by the end of the month... YES!
(p.s isn't our flooring sweet? Yeah in this room alone we have 5 different types of wood, CLASSY)
(P.S.S. Thanks for checking in on my blog Jon all the way from the desert :))

Monday, October 19, 2009

Texas happenings

Daniel reminded me about 3 days into my visit that I need to be taking pictures, I always forget. I had a great time but it went way too fast.
Heading to San Antonio Kaeson resting up.

The Alamo, it was cool... word on the street was "You can't go to San Antonio without seeing the Alamo!" So here we were, they boys did great they liked looking at the swords and guns but aside from that its more of a "don't touch" adult place. But it was neat to see. The whole family went Bethany, her honey, and their boys!

Watching cartoons waiting for dad to get back with breakfast.
Perfect boys I love them oh so much!

Kaes laying on the edge watching all the dolfins in the water, they were jumping like crazy this time.

Seeing all the Shamus( they are ALL named Shamu) was awesome they were right on with the music, it was a fantastic day.

Thats me with SHAMU! They picked me out of the whole audience to come down, suit up and swim with him! Just kidding but its freaky how much the trainer looks like me!

Sesame Street countdown to halloween, it was pretty great and the boys loved it.

I'm so proud of those boys, they were great kids all day. We got there about 10 am we ate breakfast before we went and didn't really have any food or drink ( beside a fiber one bar or fig newton for lunch) until 630pm when we left. We were all running on adrenaline. Once we sat down in the car we all started to get grumpy... my sis and I wore flipflops but it was all so fantastic we didn't notice the pain till we sat down... ahhh

Kaeson zonked with his new orca.

Add Image Kael sleeping with his new dolfin after a big long day at seaworld.

Traegen just enjoying his auntie.

Sweet little baby toes.

I brought the boys those glow in the dark stars and we used this blue
sticky putty to put them on the ceiling, they preferred using it for rhino snouts.

Kael being a rhino.

Kaeson with horns and all.

It was defenitly cold the day I left... or so Kaeson thought! Getting ready to take me to the airport, Kaeson was wrapping their stuffed animals in this blanket so they wouldn't get wet. So cute.

Last week I went to texas to visit my sister and her cute family. I had an amazing time... it was actually pretty crappy having to leave them! I warned Daniel not to expect me at the airport when he came to get me, I never wanted to leave

Thursday, July 30, 2009

third post of the day

my super hot honey in his bunker gear for work! his complete space suit

this is a very tall tropical flower that is in our backyard, I am standing next to it!

Onesies.... I did awhile ago!

Just some more of the onesies I have done! I now need to replenish my plain onesie supply!


you can see that it is nearly the same size as the opening of this large glass.... about a sand dollar.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

4 Years ago today I was married....

in the Logan, Utah temple, it was beautiful weather and we got married in the late afternoon, which made for a. great pictures b. cooler weather! It was a great day and I love him more everyday!!!

Daniel had to work and though it is a 48 hour shift, I get to come on base and see him, so it breaks it up! We are celebrating tomorrow starting at 7:30 am when he gets off work! But I had a busy day so far...

Today I...
~woke up early, went on a walk with my dogs before it got too hot
~came home finished my workout
~let the dogs out back- Sylus caught and killed a squirrel
~sadly grabbed a shovel and removed the squirrel from my yard
~veeted my arms and legs- quick smelly but oh so smooth(it really works)
~made brownies for my VT families
~now have a home phone, the guy came today and installed it
~am going visiting teaching at 6:15
~will visit Daniel with a brownie and homemade card
Next thing is to mail it back to the agency, folks adoting that live in Idaho or Utah or anywhere where the agency is closer than 4 hours away is blessed! Now we need the home study and the approval and we are good to go!! WOOHOO Daniel and I set a goal to have it done by our Anniversary and WE ARE DONE!